Programmes & Services

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Academic Assessment

This is carried out in order to determine each child’s developmental level and stage. The child’s assessments cover the areas of social, gross and fine motor, language and communication, cognitive skills, independence and behaviour. The outcome of the evaluation becomes the basis of the educational or intervention programme.
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Psychoeducational Evaluation

Our psychoeducational evaluation service is designed to provide comprehensive insights into students’ behaviour, learning profiles and academic needs. Conducted by our experienced team of psychologists and educational specialists, these evaluations assess various aspects of neurocognitive functioning, academic skills, and socio-emotional development. Through a combination of teacher made assessments, observations, and interviews, we identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for growth, enabling us to tailor support strategies and interventions to meet each student’s unique needs.
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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Program

The ABA programme of study was initially used for children on the Autism Spectrum. This therapy utilises the application of behavioural theories and is carried out by a trained ABA therapist. Some of the techniques that are used are: negative and positive reinforcement, prompting, shaping, fading and extinction. These techniques aim to encourage desirable behaviours and eliminate the undesirable ones, facilitate language development, and reinforce positive skills and appropriate social skills behaviour. Today, ABA principles are being used for various special needs cases, in order to achieve appropriate behaviour and to facilitate learning among students.
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ACE (Accelerated Christian Education)

A.C.E. is a Bible-based, Christian K-12 curriculum, consisting of subjects in Math, English, Word Building, Social Studies, Science, Filipino, Creative Writing, Physical Education (P.E.), Araling Panlipunan, alongside K-12 subjects such as World Geography, Digital Arts, Hydroponics farming, Caregiving and Professional Baking.

SPED Tutorials

Our SPED classes utilise the fundamental principles of ABA and the Montessori method. These classes aim to teach academic subjects like Reading, Math, Fine Motor skills, Language, Communication, and Critical Thinking, alongside neurocognitive subjects such as Auditory Skills training, Sensory Integration, and Classical Music Integration programmes.
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Winged Wonder Reading

Winged Wonder Reading is a comprehensive reading enrichment programme for children and adolescents. It is based on the four channels of learning: Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic and Tactile (VAKT). This approach applies the basic principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. It also treats reading as building blocks of knowledge. Winged Wonder Reading started as a reading-readiness program, focusing on phonemic awareness, and eventually expanded to reading comprehension combined with critical thinking skills.