Alternative Education


Individualised Curriculum

Winged Wonder’s personalised curriculum encourages learners to progress at their own pace. They move from one level to the next based on their academic readiness. Children are encouraged to grasp higher-level concepts only after mastering foundational understanding, promoting a positive learning experience.
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Academic Assessment

The Winged Wonder’s Academic Evaluation determines each learner’s strengths and weaknesses. This is the basis of individual recommendations, academic level and study plans, which are tailor-made to meet each learner’s needs.

A.C.E. Educational Pathways

The A.C.E. curriculum has four educational pathways:

The Honours track:
Denotes the standard college preparatory courses supplemented by additional high-quality preparation for higher education.
The College track: Represents the standard college preparatory pathway.

The General track:
Represents an equivalent to the minimum course of study required for a standard high school diploma.

The Vocational preparatory track:
Provides an educational pathway leading to a vocational preparatory diploma.


Goal Setting

Goals provide directions and a roadmap. Goal setting is therefore extremely important in terms of defining a learner’s priorities and encouraging a child to become and remain motivated. Our curriculum allows each child to learn effective time-management, and develop study plans Incorporating achievable steps and a timetable aimed at timely completion of goals. Goal setting aims to encourage children to set their own priorities, take responsibility early, reduce excuses and develop a positive attitude towards learning.