Welcome to Winged Wonder!

Winged Wonder Institute of Education provides tutoring and enrichment programme for children of all ages and skills levels. The school has experienced and qualified teachers who prepare individualised study plans, which are tailor-made to meet learners’ needs. Individual or tutorials in small groups are offered in reading, mathematics, writing, critical thinking, offering focussed education, homework assistance and examination preparation.

Furthermore, Winged Wonder has adapted Accelerated Christian Education’s (A.C.E.) International K-12 curriculum. The A.C.E. program operates across the spectrum, from pre-school to high school levels. Winged Wonder is a recognized and duly accredited school by the Department of Education (DepEd).

The school seek to develop students with lifelong Christian values like glorifying God, being honest, pursuing excellence in all things and being a servant to others.


To help each child achieve their full potential by equipping him or her with the skills that they will use to become an independent and productive member of society.



We encourage each child to reach his or her full potential to become a fully functional member of society. This child has attained the necessary social and mental skills needed in seeking and maintaining a job significantly contributing to the nation’s overall welfare.