Academic Assessment

This assessment is done to determine the child's developmental level and condition. The child's assessment on the area of Social , Gross and Fine Motor, Language and Communication area, Cognitive area, Self Help area and Behavior. The outcome of the evaluation is the basis of the program or intervention.

Academic Tutorials

This aims to unleash the child's full potential by customizing its program based on the child's own level and pacing. Subjects include Reading, Writing, Math, Science, English and Filipino.

Winged Wonder Reading

Winged Wonder Reading is a comprehensive reading enrichment program for ages 3-12 years. It utilizes the four channels of learning - Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Tactile. It applies basic principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. It also treats reading as building blocks of knowledge. It has started as a reading readiness program, focusing on phonemic awareness, and eventually expanded to reading comprehension combined with critical thinking skills.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Program

ABA was initially used for children in the Autism Spectrum. ABA therapy utilizes the application of behavioral theories, executed by a trained ABA therapist. Some of the techniques used are the use of negative and positive reinforcement, prompting, shaping, fading, extinction. These techniques aims to form desirable behaviors and eliminate the undesirable ones, facilitate language development, reinforce positive skills and appropriate social skills behavior. Today, ABA principles are being used to various exceptionalities in order to attain appropriate behavior and to facilitate learning among special learners.

SPED Tutorials

Using the basic principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and TEAACH, our SPED classes is targeted to teach academic subjects like Reading, Math, Science and Writing. The concepts are broken down into simple concepts.

Winged Wonder Crafts: Arts and Crafts

Our crafts are well researched aiming to enhance the child's cognition, focus, eye and hand coordination and creativity