Individualized Curriculum

The individualized curriculum of Winged Wonder Alternative Education Winged Wonder allows students to progress at their own pace. They move from one level to the next based on their academic readiness. Learners are not forced to struggle to a higher level of concept that they do not fully understand. The individualized curriculum of Winged Wonder covers subjects such as Math, English and Word Building, Social Studies, Science, Filipino, and AralingPanlipunan.

Academic Diagnosis

The Winged Wonder's Academic Diagnosis determines the strengths and weaknesses of the Learner. This is the basis of the individualized recommendations, tailor fitted to meet each student's personal needs.

Goal Setting

Goals provide the direction and roadmap. Goal setting is very important in defining the learner's priorities and allowing the student to stay motivated.

Our curriculum allows the student to learn effective time management, and develop a plan using achievable steps and a timetable in the completion of the goal.

Goal setting aims to let the student set priorities, minimize excuses, develop a positive attitude toward learning, and learn responsibility early on.

Globally Accredited Curriculum

Our program offers an international curriculum that is accepted to over 150 countries.

ยท          This program starts from preschool to high school level