Welcome to Winged Wonder!

Winged Wonder Learning Center provides tutoring and enrichment program to students of all ages and skill levels. Winged Wonder has warm and caring tutors that prepare an individualized plan that are tailor fitted to the needs of the young learner. Tutorial services are available in reading, math, writing, special education, homework assistance, test preparations and a lot more.

Mission and Vision

Winged Wonder represents a butterfly- its life cycle and the source of its strength.
A butterfly, for its inner beauty to manifest, needs to undergo a process called, "Metamorphosis". The source of the butterfly's strength is the sun. Every morning, the butterfly will spread its wings in the morning sunshine because the scales of their wings are actually solar cells…. In the same way, God's Love and our own
Love for our children are the source of their energy. Our company believes that our strength, our Mission, our Vision could only come from Him…and to Him, we give back what He has first given. Much more than a business, we believe in the
purpose and the special place that these children play in our lives and in society
as carefully laid out by God in His Master Plan.


To help the child achieve his full potential by equipping him the skills that he will use in becoming an independent and productive member of the society.


We envision the child to reach its full potential by being a fully functional member of the society.

From the traditional stay at home mentality, where the parents are the sole provider of all the daily needs of the child, this child has attained the necessary social and mental skills needed in seeking and maintaining a job, and contributing to the nation's overall welfare.